I’m Not a Salesperson

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People turn social selling into a complicated process. Social selling at its foundation is simply sharing something that you love and that adds value to your life, with other people. The method in which one chooses to share and the time and intensity with which an individual decides to deliver the message is relative to the person. Sharing via social selling is done in the same way as raving about your favorite coffee drink, binge-worthy streaming program, or vacation spot you can’t wait to visit again. When you engage in this activity, you are selling socially. You are driving interest and potential business to the specific entity you are making a recommendation for. Ultimately, your goal or intention is to share something you love with those that you love, adding value to their lives.

When I share my favorite items from ZYIA, the descriptive nature in which I discuss the products naturally flows because of the value ZYIA adds to my life. I know how a particular tank or pair of leggings made me feel comfortable in my own skin while simultaneously feeling cute and professional. Sharing about ZYIA simply and organically fits into my afternoon conversations because I know how confident I felt during my workout that morning wearing my ZYIA bra and leggings. My friends also love the pattern and color of my outfits, ask about them, and I share- it’s that simple. And I feel confident doing so because of the quality and durability of the products, not just the appearance.

When ZYIA came into my life I was an active person working out most days of the week. Health and wellness were important components of my daily habits. I wore activewear daily from multiple brands other than ZYIA and these brands did not pay me to wear their clothing or share my story of wearing the clothing line. It was a simple transition to begin wearing ZYIA clothing, and continue my daily active life and business in health and wellness. I found ZYIA Activewear to be high quality, reasonably priced and it made me feel ready to look and perform my best. I then began to share my experience through people asking me about my clothes, posting pictures on social media, or sharing in my customer group or through online and in-person events.

The difference for me, between social selling pertaining to ZYIA and my favorite caffeinated drink, comes in the reward for the services I offer to people. While the sharing you do for the coffee or resort company is appreciated by those businesses, you are not compensated with a commission or business opportunity. When I talk about my favorite pair of joggers or the cute backpack I purchased for my kids, I have the opportunity to grow a business. I am able to earn income for the services provided rather than some other person or company. The frequency at which I engage in conversations and the level of passion I exert in empowering and uplifting others through my process of social selling, will determine my level of success. 

It is possible within the opportunity of social selling to develop a big business with a big team and potentially earn a six-figure income. People that accomplish this are the inspiration but this should not be the expectation. The more common expectation is the opportunity to share easily, the ability to serve organically, and the possibility to earn rewards from those actions.

Many times objections to taking advantage of opportunities with companies such as ZYIA in the social selling channel include concerns about not having time, that an individual is not a salesperson at heart, and the general fear of failing. I encourage people to take the idea of social selling back to the foundation of service through sharing. By doing this, we address the voiced concerns and it becomes transparent that the time spent is entirely up to the individual. I am helping people learn to fit ZYIA into their life. I empower individuals to break out of the mindset of the classic definition of a “salesperson,” and instead utilize the concepts of wearing, sharing, and answering questions as they arise, allowing a natural development of one’s business. And ultimately, because there is no expectation, there is no failure.

I am in the business of guiding people to success utilizing an organic method of growing a business by building relationships and serving others by adding value to their lives. Your success level is determined by the grit and consistency you bring to the table and have the fortitude to maintain.

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